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It costs a lot of money to find the right adult students for your campus

EduPlanner is your lowest-cost solution   -   Only $5500/Annual Investment


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from your Prime Target Market -

adults with Tuition Assistancs funds.

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Portals: Business, Healthcare, Education

The EduPlanner™ is a  One-Of-A-Kind directory of colleges/university degree and certificate programs cataloged with 80+ mix/match searchable criteria that are pertinent to the adult student so employees can intelligently select providers which best meet their needs for career growth and business objectives. 

The EduPlanner™is ONLY sold to Fortune 1000 level corporations that offer Tuition Assistance Plans (TAP) to help employees pick proper providers.  We sell this service to corporations for such a low annual membership that companies are signing with us everyday.  This exposure puts your school information on the desktop of every employee at these companies - exclusive target market.  This is NOT another .com college search tool out there on the web, directed at the General Public.  It is NOT driven by SEOs. Our low entrance pricing means any school with adult learner offerings can afford this advertising.

The entire decision process to select your academic education is from the perspective of the student and employer.  However, if you are not "listed" in the College Search section of The EduPlanner, your insitution will have no representation to be selected by employees using Tuition Assistance dollars.

Educational Advisory Services, Inc. (EASi) has been providing Educational Planning services to the corporate adult learner of companies that offer TAP since 1981.  We have now created the only online, web-solution that does much of the work of an academic advisor AND provides a comprehensive College Search tool as well.


You keep your college/university information updated in our database, which is directly placed on the desktop of employees of the Fortune 1000 for a very low annual membership of just $5500.


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Benefits of Prime Target Marketing:

  • Student/Employees that use the EduPlanner™ to find, and enroll at your college or university are more committed to complete their degree at your school because they have selected your school as the best-fit for them.  It is just as important to keep students as it is to recruit them.
  • The "pool" of potential students are ALL active; 100% are interested in changing their current provider or selecting a provider.
  • We only invite colleges/universities that are on excellent Regional Accreditation status for the last two years - some of your major competitors will not be included in this solution - so you have more chance of recruiting students.
  • The EduPlanner™ product is designed specifically for the adult student employed by a company that provides a Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP).  So, you know a student coming to you from using our service is funded by corporate TAP dollars.
  • Students coming to you from The EduPlanner are most likely admittable and able to succeed in higher education.
  • This college search is built around TAP policies so it fits the provider selection needs of a corporation.
  • Students needing majors in Business, IT, Engineering, Healthcare and  Education will have a direct link to those degrees your school offers.
  • Joining The EduPlanner will allow you to avoid many other advertising costs and hassles.
  • Corporations will use the EduPlanner search as their exclusive resource for employees to select providers.
  • Unlimited leads and enrollments; no additional fees.

We also request that your institution:

1. Offer a standard discounted tuition rate to our corporate customers. It helps you make your degree programs more attractive to students and corporate directors.

2. Enter any customized degrees you have with specific corporations. List them as a separate locations and denote which company sponsors the onsite programs.

3. Help us sell our services to corporations - if you have corporate affiliations and contacts, help us sell them the EduPlanner™ so your exposure grows to more desktops of employees across the country.


Additionally, EASi has devised several levels of additional investments if you so choose:

BIO PAGE  - Purchase a full bio page of extra information you want to tell prospective adult students about your campus:  History, Program Highlights, Quality, etc. - - additional $200 annual fee first location; $100 each for all other locations.  This is a buy-none or buy-all option. You may submit different text for each location.

MAP IT -  We will set up a tab with a Google Map so that students can find your campus -- additional $200 annual fee for first location; $100 each for all other locations. 

CHAT - Have students directly contact your campus with questions through "Chat" -  $300 year; unlimited chats. 





Institutions find that a student contact is more successul than any lead information about a student